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Phase 1

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Official Website Launch

  • Social Channels Launch

Phase 2

  • Fund Raising Starts

  • Marketing Starts: Onboarding Influencers, Streamers & Pro Gamers

  • Alpha Testing complete

Phase 3

  • IDO Public Sale

  • Exchange Listings

  • NFT Sale

Phase 4

  • Closed Beta Version Release

  • NFT Marketplace Release

  • Farming/Staking opens

  • Open Beta Version Release

Phase 5

  • Full Game Release on PC: Team Deathmatch & Free-For-All

  • Tournaments, Competition and Special Events

Phase 6

  • Release of Victory Point Mobile.

  • Game Update: New weapons skins, attachments and maps

  • New Game Modes: Guild Wars and Death Mode

Phase 7

  • New Game Mode: Battle Royale - Victory Island

  • E-Sports Competitions

victory point

Victory Point is a Free-to-Play (F2P), Play-and-Earn (PnE), Multiplayer, First Person Shooter (FPS) game built on Unreal Engine and powered by blockchain and player ownership.

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