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Hardcore PvP Multiplayer battles.

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Win & earn

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what is victory point?

Game Objective: Reach 1 Million montly active users within a year across mobile and pc!

Victory Point is a Free-to-Play (F2P), Play-and-Earn (PnE), Multiplayer shooter game built on Unreal Engine and is set to launch on both mobile and PC.

In a space saturated by rushed, low-quality video games, Victory Point is designed by a top-notch gaming studio filled with experienced game design experts. Victory Point players will be immersed in intense gameplay, stunning environments filled with high-quality graphics and sound effects. Players will have the opportunity to battle other players through various game modes while earning massive rewards!

Game concept

Contrary to other web3 games, when players purchase a Victory Point Soldier NFT, they will see its value reflected on their in-game $VIT Balance. Players can then use this balance to enter the various game modes and earn extra $VIT in the form of $VIT Rewards.

Before starting the match, players must commit $VIT Balance into a reward pool. When the match ends, the reward pool is destributed amongst the players based on their individual performance. To incentive low performers to keep on playing Victory Point, they will be payed Real Yield (yield based on revenue generated by the game) vs revenue derived from token emissions. This incentive will be in the form of $VIT Balance.

Game concept
Unique Game Modes | High Quality Animations | Intense Gameplay

Game modes

Tactical Shooter

Team deathmatch

Team deathmatch

The objective of Team Deathmatch is to kill everyone on the opposing team! The team first to reach 100 kills or has the most kill points by the end of the match (10-minute timer) wins.

Free for all

Free for all

The Free-for-All mode is mass mayhem! You can only count on yourself as you shoot everything that moves. Win the match by staying on top of the leaderboard when the timer runs out (10-minutes timer) or be the first to reach the maximum kill count (30 kills).

Death mode

Death mode

Death mode, also considered the Ultra-Hard mode of Victory Point, is a super competitive, free-for-all, open-server mode that rewards each kill with $1.00 worth of $VIT and equivalently penalises each death!

Guild wars

Guild wars

Guilds compete against each other in a 5-Round Plant the Bomb mode. The objective is for the Offensive team to plant the bomb at one of two bomb sites and ensure detonation of the explosives. The Defensive team can win the match if they are successful in running down the clock before the bombs are planted.

Designed on Unreal Engine | Immersive | Stunning Environments


Four Offical Maps

The first 4 maps are ready!

The Official Launch will include 4 maps, each with distinct natural and urban details. Fight in the dry desert of Tunisia, the deep jungle of Congo, the chaotic neighbourhoods of New Delhi and the abandoned harbor of Chicago. More maps will be released with every game update. Game updates are scheduled every 45 days and will include new game features, maps, weapons and skins.

Chicago Harbor

Chicago Harbor

Tunisian Desert

Tunisian Desert

Congo Jungle

Congo Jungle

New Delhi Neighborhood

New Delhi Neighborhood

Chicago Harbor

Chicago Harbor

Tunisian Desert

Tunisian Desert

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See our plan for 2022 and 2023.

Phase 1 /

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Official Website Launch

  • Social Channels Launch

Phase 2 /

  • Fund Raising Starts

  • Marketing Starts: Onboarding Influencers, Streamers & Pro Gamers

  • Alpha Testing complete

Phase 3 /

  • IDO Public Sale

  • Exchange Listings

  • NFT Sale

Phase 4 /

  • Closed Beta Version Release

  • NFT Marketplace Release

  • Farming/Staking opens

  • Open Beta Version Release

Phase 5 /

  • Full Game Release on PC: Team Deathmatch & Free-For-All

  • Tournaments, Competition and Special Events

Phase 6 /

  • Release of Victory Point Mobile.

  • Game Update: New weapons skins, attachments and maps

  • New Game Modes: Guild Wars and Death Mode

Phase 7 /

  • New Game Mode: Battle Royale - Victory Island

  • E-Sports Competitions