ecosystem & economy

what is the victory games ecosystem?

In addition to being able to play Victory Point, $VIT token holders will also gain access to the VICTORY GAMES Web3 Ecosystem which will include staking, buying collectable/tradable NFTs and access to the Top100 incentive program.

how the victory point economy works

Before entering a match, each player must commit $VIT from their in-game $VIT Balance into a reward pool. You get a $VIT Balance by purchasing an Operator NFT. The amount of $VIT required to enter a match varies based on the Game Rank and the Game Mode. Each Game Mode follows a unique reward distribution mechanism. Once the match is over, the reward pool is distributed to the players based on their ranking on the match leaderboard.

how the <span class='text-second_cta'>victory point</span> economy works


Most web3 games follow a two-token approach that rewards players with a secondary token which has no maximum supply and can be minted at any time. Under this model the revenue given to gamers is artificial and is derived by the emission of the reward token (token dilution). This inevitably decreases the value each token over time which can lead to a death spiral unless there is a constant influx of new participants (i.e. Ponzinomics).


Introducing tokenomics 2.0

A Zero Sum Game Reward System

The player reward system of Victory Point is designed by using the “zero-sum game” model. A zero-sum game is a mathematical representation in game theory and economic theory of a scenario involving two sides. Under this model, an advantage for one side results in a loss for the other. If the total gains of the participants are added up, and the total losses are subtracted, they will equal zero. In simple words, the Losers pay the Winners!

The First Real Yield Economy

Victory Point is the first web3 game to introduce the concept of Real Yield as its fundamental Economics Model with the objective of achieving a long-term sustainable economy. Real Yield pays out yield to gamers based on revenue generated by the game vs revenue derived from token emissions.

Introducing <span class='text-second_cta'>tokenomics 2.0</span>